Become an Advisor/Partner for Lawctopus' Online Law Courses (For Working Professionals, Faculty Only)
Lawctopus' mission is to enable 'informed and inspired careers', and with that in mind we are launching our online academy.

Lawctopus' online courses will be theoretically invigorating and practically useful.

Our modules (both text and video based) and evaluation exercises will be made after consultation and engagement with experienced (and young) faculty members, practicing lawyers, and students.


1. Help us create the course outline
2. Help us create the content of the courses
3. Be open to recording special guest lectures (video based) for us
4. Join as a full-fledged partner
5. Organisational tie-up
6. Review the courses

If you are a professor or a practicing lawyer or a decision maker in an organisation who relates with our mission and would like to contribute to our courses, please do fill the form below.

Your contribution maybe in an advisory or a more proactive role and can be remunerated or be pro bono.

All contributors will be acknowledged, of course.

This is just an 'expression of interest' form. More details will be shared in mid-April.

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