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7 - 9 June 2020 - Allianz Park, Greenlands Lanes, Hendon, London NW4 1RL
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Life 2.0 – The Three Principles Conference
Promote your products and services to an enthusiastic and receptive audience of 1000 delegates.
Life 2.0 is a three day conference, here you may choose between a selection of advertising and promotional options.
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Advertising in the Event Guide
Given to all delegates, the event guide contains the conference programme, speaker profiles and important event information.
There is a long lead time to promote the event and this is an effective way to reach all delegates.
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Outside Back Cover and Full Page Advert: Bleed 216mm x 154mm; Trim 210mm x 148mm (Landscape) Half Page Advert: Trim 97.5mm x 138mm (Portrait)
Leaflet Handed to Delegates
Your single A5 sheet handed to all delegates on arrival
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Marketplace Stands
A covered trestle table for promotional materials - ideal for talking to delegates about your products and services, demonstrations and leaflet distribution.
The area is not available from 2:00pm on Monday afternoon.

The following will all be included for exhibitors:
- access to power
- a standard sized trestle table
- two chairs chairs
- free parking area for loading/unloading
- full conference attendance
Please select which days you would like a Marketplace Stand:
Sunday for £225 (all day)
Monday for £125 (until 2:00pm)
Tuesday for £225 (all day)
All Days for £500 (3 days)
About The Conference
Modern living seems to require overwhelm, stress, worries about money, health or the future, and challenging dynamics in personal or working relationships. The Life 2.0 Conference was created to address these issues, making the availability of a new experience of living accessible for everyone.

Whilst the common belief may be that circumstances and the people around you create your experience of life, the Three Principles understanding points to the role of the mind in generating our feelings, sensations, and perceptions. If this is true then it follows that a new experience of life is not limited by circumstances at all.

Results for the approach are both unique and life changing with thousands of people across the globe experiencing new hope for living a newly impactful and fulfilling life.

The conference is the biggest, longest running, and most impactful conference of its type anywhere in the world.
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