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Poipoia te kakano kia puawai. "Nurture the seed and it will blossom.." Kia Ora Parents/Caregivers, Please take this opportunity to share with your class teacher information about your child. Nga Mihi, Nardz
Your child's name (full) *
Have there been any recent changes or significant events that may have affected the well-being of your child? (e.g. loss, grief, family split, illness, new baby, etc). Please explain how we may be able to support your child. *
How can we support your child this year?
What (if any) concerns do you have about your child academically? (e.g. aspects of your child's learning you have noted that you have questions about?)
What (if any) concerns do you have about your child socially? (e.g. making friends, following directions, working with others, taking turns, positive attitude, using manners, having good hygiene, waiting, and having patience, listening to others, understanding personal space ).. etc
What sort of motivation does your child respond best to? E.g. verbal feedback, feedback is quietly given, feedback from peers, written feedback.
Which culture/nationality does your family identify with ? Please share any relevant information e.g. cutural events celebrated, languages spoken at home, family traditions etc..
What extracurricular activity does your child participate in? (e.g. swimming, dancing, sporting, language etc)..
In what ways (if any) has Covid-19 impacted your family/child?(e.g. loss of job/income, family overseas etc)..
2020 End of Year Report - please share with us what you liked about the report (comparable with previous years). Is there any aspect of feedback that would help to support you as the parent with understanding your child's educational journey? *
What is your number one priority for your child this year? *
What do you love most about your child? *
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