the Central Quiz
This is Phase 2 of the recruitment process for the Central role.
Your HQ Amino Name *
Nickname *
Pronouns *
What is the meaning of the acronym MHQLF? *
1 point
Who is the current leader of the Haikyu!! Amino *
1 point
Who is the curator assigned as advisor to MHQLF? *
1 point
Who is the current project lead of MHQLF? *
1 point
When did MHQLF start? *
1 point
What are the three main groups in MHQLF? Choose three. *
3 points
Which of the following is not your role as assistant lead? *
0 points
In which chat will you work in if ever you will get accepted? *
1 point
What is the main role of an assistant lead? *
1 point
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