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Do you like reading? Are you capable of posting book reviews? Do you enjoy getting ARC's, but are hesitant about accepting Indie books because (1) you don't like dealing with the actual author or (2) so many Indie books are sub-par? Well, this group may be for you!

By filling out this form, you join my team of reviewers. You get free books that I have previewed ahead of time to make sure that they are of adequate quality, and you WON'T have to deal with the author (unless you want to). I will only send you notifications of books that I feel that are the best fit for you, but will also give you access to a page where I list all of the ARCs and review copies that I have currently available. You will not be obligated to finish or review any book that you feel that you can't - but do let me know if this happens! You are allowed up to three unreviewed books in your possession at a given time. Bear in mind that bailing on too many reviews could result in you being kicked out of the team.

I will charge authors a low fee for the reivews, but this is to cover administrative costs. I do not believe that authors should buy reviews, they are merely paying me to take the time to match their books to ideal reviewers. YOU get free books tailor-chosen for your interests.

And, yes, I'm aware that this is a pretty long form, but I want to do my best in making sure that the books that I offer to you are your best matches.

Thanks so much for joining my team!

Names You Review Under
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Give me links to at least three reviews that you have done and describe your reviewing style.
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What is your ideal book frequency?
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What Genres will You Read?
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Of these, what are your favorite subgenres?
You can find subgenre lists on wikipedia, I'm pretty sure.
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Are there any genres or subgenres that you will NOT read?
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What is Your Romance Tolerance?
What is your Violence Tolerance?
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What is Your Magic Tolerance?
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List your five favorite books/series and tell me why they're your favorites.
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List five books/series that you despise and tell me why.
Books of which you have at least read 50%. (If a series, 50% of the first book) I don't want an off the cuff "I refuse to read Such and Which because of this or that." That said, if you wish to tell me 3-5 "Refuse to Reads" after your despised books, you can do so.
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