Scholarship Teacher Recommendation
The Teacher Recommendation form is required for the CYNTHIA COOPER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP and the MOZART SCHOLARSHIP Applications. This form is not required for the OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE SCHOLARSHIP.

Dear Teachers,

We appreciate your time to fill out the following Teacher Recommendation for scholarship funding. We ask for your best assessment of your student's work. Scholarships are available for all levels of playing and are considered for both merit and financial need. We want to encourage deserving students who will benefit from this opportunity.
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Assess the following to the best of your knowledge with 1 being lowest and 5 being the highest. 6 for unknown. *
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Reading Treble Clef
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Musical Expression
Practice time and habits
Enthusiasm for music
Dedication and discipline
Financial Need
How would your student benefit from our week of group classes? *
What does your student bring to enhance our camp? *
Might your student still be able to come or have any other opportunity like Houston Summer Harp Festival if they did not receive a scholarship? *
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