Northwest Film Forum Member Survey 2020
Hello esteemed members! In advance of our annual member meeting on September 18th at 5:30pm, we're taking some feedback from our base. Your input shapes the future of the Forum, figuring directly into planning cinema programming, educational opportunities, new partnerships; you name it, members are part of it. Please take a few minutes to give us your perspective on our work.
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What do you think NWFF is doing / has done well in our response to COVID-19?
What do you think NWFF can / could have done better in our response to COVID-19?
NWFF is able to open when King County reaches Phase 3. In the event that we follow all social distancing and sanitization guidelines, how likely are you to return to screenings and events at NWFF before there is a vaccine? (Feel free to elaborate in the following question as necessary.)
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What is your perception of how NWFF supported the Black Lives Matter movement? What do you think we have done well, and what can we do better?
What's your favorite thing you did or saw at NWFF this past year, and why?
Your testimonials are important to NWFF's fundraising efforts, especially as we move into the new year! If you've experienced a particular moment or story that made you happy for NWFF's existence, please leave us a brief testimonial.
Testimonial-writers: How would you like to be credited? What is your role in the community? (ie: artistic profession, job, etc.)
"You have permission to use my testimonial in marketing, fundraising, outreach materials."
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Do you have any other questions, comments, or advice on how we can better serve the community moving into 2021?
Thank you for your generous support of Northwest Film Forum!
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