Tokamak Bridge: Token Support Request Form

1. Request to add your token, edit or remove from Tokamak Bridge

2. Request verification for L2standardERC20 token contract

Requests are handled once a week. Please keep your eyes on your email.

Make sure your email address is connected to your project

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Input your JSON data file for your token 

Example (use NULL if you don't have an address):


tokenName: "Tokamak Network",

tokenSymbol: "TON",

address: {

MAINNET: 0x2be5e8c109e2197D077D13A82dAead6a9b3433C5,


TITAN: 0x7c6b91d9be155a6db01f749217d76ff02a7227f2,



decimals: 18,


L2StandardERC20 token contract verification support (Titan, Titan Goerli)

If your ERC20 token is deployed on Titan using L2StandardTokenFactory, we will manually verify the contract for you (will be checked once a week). For all other contracts, you can verify them yourselves.

Write down your L2StandardERC20 token contract address below (you can skip to next question if you don't need verification):

Please provide any additional information about the token that you would like to add to the support list.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to .
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