Visita de Gabriela Facchini de Sheridan College a Student World
Visita de la experta en Programas y Apoyo a Estudiantes Internacionales de Sheridan College, en Toronto
Sheridan College
The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, previously called Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, commonly known as Sheridan College, is a diploma- and degree-granting polytechnic institute in Ontario, with approximately 18,000 full-time students and 35,000 continuing education students. Founded in 1967, the college offers programs in animation and illustration, music theatre, film and design, business, applied computing, engineering technology, community studies, and liberal studies.There are campuses in Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga.
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1 Accounting, Business Administration 2 Accounting, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration 3 Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props 4 Advanced Television and Film 5 Advertising – Account Management 6 Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management 7 Animal Care 8 Animation, Honours Bachelor of 9 Apprenticeship Training Programs 10 Architectural Technician/Technology 11 Art and Art History (Honours Bachelor of Arts) 12 Art Fundamentals 13 Athletic Therapy, Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences 14 Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications (Honours) – Internet Communications Technology 15 Business 16 Business Analysis and Process Management 17 Ceramics, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design 18 Chemical Engineering Technology 19 Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental 20 Chemical Laboratory Technician 21 Child and Youth Care 22 Communication, Culture, Information & Technology 23 Community and Justice Services 24 Community Pharmacy Assistant 25 Community Worker – Outreach and Development 26 Computer Animation 27 Computer Animation – Digital Character Animation 28 Computer Engineering Technician/Technology 29 Computer Programmer 30 Computer Systems Technician – Software Engineering 31 Computer Systems Technology – Software Development and Network Engineering 32 Computer Systems Technology – Systems Analyst 33 Creative Writing and Publishing, Honours Bachelor of 34 Digital Creature Animation – Technical Direction 35 Early Childhood Education 36 Early Childhood Education – Intensive 37 Early Childhood Leadership, Honours Bachelor of 38 Educational Support 39 Educational Support – Fast Track Intensive 40 Electrical Engineering Technician 41 Electrical Techniques 42 Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology 43 Electronics Engineering Technician/Technology 44 English Language Studies (ESL) 45 Environmental Control 46 Environmental Technician 47 Film and Television, Honours Bachelor of 48 Finance, Business Administration 49 Finance, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration 50 Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership 51 Furniture, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design 52 Game Design, Honours Bachelor of 53 Game Development – Advanced Programming 54 Game Level Design 55 General Arts and Science – College Profile 56 General Arts and Science – Health Profile 57 General Arts and Science – University Profile 58 Glass, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design 59 Human Resources Management 60 Human Resources Management, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration 61 Human Resources, Business Administration 62 Illustration, Honours Bachelor of 63 Industrial Design, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design 64 Information Systems Security, Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences 65 Information Technologies Support Services 66 Interaction Design, Honours Bachelor of 67 Interactive Media Management 68 Interior Decorating 69 Interior Design, Honours Bachelor of 70 International Business Management 71 Internet Communications Technology 72 Investigation – Public and Private 73 Journalism 74 Journalism – New Media 75 Kinesiology and Health Promotion, Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences 76 Makeup for Media and Creative Arts 77 Manufacturing Management 78 Marketing Management 79 Marketing Management, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration 80 Marketing, Business Administration 81 Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology 82 Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology – Design & Drafting 83 Mechanical Technician – Tool Making 84 Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing 85 Mechanical Techniques – Tool and Die Maker 86 Media Fundamentals 87 Mobile Computing, Honours Bachelor of Applied Computer Science 88 Music Applied to Stage, Screen and Interactive Visual Environments (MASSIVE) 89 Music Theatre Performance, Honours Bachelor of 90 Office Administration – Executive 91 Office Administration – Health Services 92 Office Administration – Legal 93 Paralegal 94 Performing Arts – Preparation 95 Personal Support Worker 96 Pharmacy Technician 97 Photography, Honours Bachelor of 98 Police Foundations 99 Practical Nursing 100 Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees 101 Project Management 102 Public Relations – Corporate Communications 103 Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management 104 Social Service Worker 105 Social Service Worker – Gerontology 106 Supply Chain Management, Honours Bachelor of Business Administration 107 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Plus) 108 Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events 109 Technology Fundamentals 110 Textiles, Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design 111 Theatre and Drama Studies 112 Tourism – Global Travel 113 Veterinary Technician 114 Visual and Creative Arts 115 Visual Effects 116 Visual Merchandising Arts 117 Web Design 118 Welding and Fabrication Technician/Welding Techniques 119 York University/Sheridan College Program in Design
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