Contracts Test
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Multiple Choice
Making a person enter into a contract by threat or coercion *
When a person is forced to pay because they would unfairly benefit from a misunderstanding *
Substitution of a party to a contract *
Says a complete, written contract is the only evidence allowed to prove the intent of the parties *
Promise or action given in exchange for the promise or action of another *
Mistake that does not affect the enforcability of a contract *
Rejection and new offer *
Making a person enter into a contract by deceit or trickery *
Law that requires certain contracts to be in writing *
Refraining from doing what one has a right to do *
Duty to take reasonable steps to minimize damages *
When the parties tear up a contract and go their separate ways *
Grossly inadequate, shocking the conscience of the court *
Mistake that makes a contract voidable by either party *
Case Questions
Answer the following case questions in an answer of 3-5 sentences.
Bill and Ted agree to race each other on Interstate 20 with the understanding that whoever wins gets to keep the title to the other person’s car. Ted wins, but Bill refuses to give Ted the keys to his car. Ted sues Bill. Should he win? Explain.
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I sell my 1999 Ford F-150 pickup to my neighbor for one dollar. Is the consideration sufficient? Why or why not? *
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