WH3 1000th Hash Registration
Registration costs:
- Fri., Aug. 28; 7:00 PM = $35
- Sat., Aug. 29; 3:00 PM = $20
- Sun., Aug, 30; 11:00 AM = $20
- All three days for $70; includes a 1000th Hash commemorative run beer mug

Optional swag:
- 1000th Hash commemorative tech shirt = $30
- 1000th Hash commemorative beer glass = $6

Payments can be made through e-transfer to winnipeghashhouseharriers@gmail.com Use the Security Question, "Who's the sexiest hunk of love pump in the universe?"; the Answer, VERY obviously, is SWAL. We need payment ahead of time since we are purchasing items up front.

If you register for a 1000th event and are unable to attend, a refund is not guaranteed. Actual advance costs attributed to your participation will be considered first.
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What is your Hash Name? *
What is your Real Name (first and last)? *
What phone number can you be reached at? *
What are the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts, at least 1 must be outside of the hash (provide 1 or 2 names)? *
Can you attend Fri., Aug. 28, 7:00 PM - Downtown Pub Crawl? The cost of $35 includes hotel room rental, drink stops and pizza. *
Can you attend Sat., Aug. 29, 3:00 PM - "Run the Dike" St. Adolphe Trail? The cost of $20 includes a choice of trails (Ball Breaker, Medium Ball Breaker or Walking Trail) and barbecue. Optional: Pot luck and snack items are welcomed. Note: we will not have access to the oven or microwave at the venue. *
Transportation question 1: Can you drive a few wankers to St. Adolphe and back on Sat., Aug. 29?
Clear selection
Transportation question 2: Would you like a ride to St. Adolphe on Sat., Aug. 29?
Clear selection
Can you attend Sun., Aug. 30, 11:00 AM - The Forks Hangover Hash? The cost of $20 includes the trail, barbecue and home made beer from our very own Cautious Clay and HB. Optional: Fully prepared pot luck and snack items are welcomed (we'll try to stay out of their kitchen). *
For the barbecues on Saturday and Sunday, do you have special dietary requirements?
Swag - Tech shirts are $30 each. Make a selection: *
T-Shirt Preview
Swag - Would you like to buy a 1000th Hash commemorative beer mug for $6 each? *
(Like this 16 ounce beer mug, only nicer - with the WH3 logo)
(Like this 16 ounce beer mug, only nicer - with the WH3 logo)
Besides yourself, do you know of anyone planning to attend (who is unlikely to complete the registration)?
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