So You wanna be an Entrepreneur... are you ready to execute!
At a time when over 60% of the global population had concerns with how they earn. I chose to create a blue print process that would specifically help those with idea find clarity and a path to launch! Thank you for stopping by!

I am Bonnie Sandy (@BadasseBs on Social) and I am focused on helping individuals, who are gifted, talented and/or highly skilled, conceptualize and bring their unique ideas to market through a controlled scalable process that guides them to not only communicate their desire and intent, but to also ideate and develop products and service prototypes and all the initial minute details that is entailed in developing an understanding one's business model, unique market advantage and profit strategies, needed to create sustainable earnings that can self propel their startup funding needs. She is currently launching support programs and initiatives to further help these gifted individuals on scaling to their desired market position. A fashion designer with a technology background, I have worked with creatives in the food, art technology, entertainment (Sports, music & Dance) fashion designer with a technology background that spans over 30 years and includes design, product development, trade, consumer presentation, marketing sales and independent creative industrialism.

Since 2004 i have focused on leveraging technology to economically impact local communities globally, take the steps needed to build the career they want. by zeroing in not just on the “what should be done,” but the “how best to do, the details that help in successful execution.” In so doing I bring together traditional & cultural cottage techniques with innovative approaches to adoption new and emerging tools in product development and revenue generation. In 2020 M partner and I conducted teh Alpha phase of our current project and will relaunch this April/May 2021. Please fill out this form and you will de directed to a link to book some one on on time to help you better ascertain if we can be of service to you.
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Feel free to ask your question on building solutions or products and services you believe your community needs or would appreciate! Not sure- then state what you would like to see. Start simple eg... "You Know how... You find yourself thinking up ideas for products  or projects, you want to do or that you believe can help sustain your community or yourself but you find it hard to start and even harder to figure out " how to" actually  DO, execute all the aspects far less earn a profit? Well I'm exceptional at helping forks sort  through those ideas and getting them through to a point where they can not only sustain themselves! But earn a profit *
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