How does the early inclusion of a Project Manager mitigate Project Change by ensuring an initial Quality Design?
This questionnaire applies to the Northern Ireland Construction Industry ONLY.
Respondents must have experience with the NEC3 ECC contract OR an EQUIVALENT FORM.

This questionnaire compares the inclusion of Northern Ireland Construction Procurement Policy - Achieving Excellence Guidance (AE04-Design Quality and AE09-Risk and Value Management) with the use of a Project Manager through the NEC3 ECC contract form, against the outcomes of project-change.

AE09 Design Quality is a guidance document aimed at achieving a clients design goals to the highest standards which can be measured through Design Quality Indicators (DQIs) achieving functionality, impact, and build quality. In order to achieve this, AEO4 encourages the early involvement of the project team to provide expert advice, and have provided a Gateway review to implement to successfully achieve Design Quality.

AE04 Risk and Value Management is a guidance document aimed at achieving early project risk identification, and early opportunities for enhancing project whole-life value. In order to achieve risk identification, a risk register should be implemented from the project outset and allocate risk responsibility to the party best equipped to deal with it (e.g. project design risk). The risk register should be maintained throughout the project and regularly updated with no project risks identified. Further to this, AE04 also identifies value management as a mechanism which should be used in sync with risk management to identify opportunities for project value within time, budget and quality. This is not a cost-cutting tool. To be successful a Gateway review has been issued which is inclusive of project concept through to building maintenance.

The NEC3 ECC is a contract form which encourages good management through the use of a Project Manager, who encourages a good relationship between the two parties to the construction contract. Further to this, the NEC3 ECC has finance and design flexibility control through its 'main option' A-F.

The aim of the questionnaire is to identify if the early involvement of a Project Manager prior to construction can reduce the volume of effects caused by project-change stemming from an unclear design at procurement.

The use of Project Manager can be taken to mean 'Contract Administrator'.
The use of Designer can be taken to mean 'Architect'.
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