Apply for BJ Fogg's 2020 Online Boot Camps
At each Boot Camp, I work with 12 people. The demand for those few spots is big, so we require an application. Spend no more than 15 minutes on the form below. After you complete this, my team and I will follow up with you via email within a week -- usually faster.

As we review the applications, we aim to bring together an amazing group of people for each Boot Camp. This process works. Ask any graduate from Boot Camp. The people you meet make the Boot Camp experience even better. And those people become trusted friends you'll want to work with after the training concludes.

*~* Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our upcoming Boot Camps are online using Zoom. ~*~

Here are just a few of the benefits:

- No exposure to COVID-19
- Lower cost ($4K rather than $5K)
- No travel time lost
- No travel costs

In addition, here are some other benefits that you don't get when you come in-person:

- Scheduled time to talk one-on-one with me (get my personal help)
- Time between sessions to practice and apply what you’re learning
- A focus on how to do Behavior Design with remote teams
- Insights on creative ways to use Zoom for teaching and learning
- A new set of online tools and worksheets you will be licensed to use

Please view a typical schedule for our online Boot Camp here: (scroll down a bit)

We are looking forward to running Boot Camp in this way -- and on this schedule.

BJ is good at teaching via Zoom. Below you’ll find some unsolicited comments people sent us as BJ taught the massive online course (via Zoom) in recent weeks. And these comments came from a class of over 300 people. For our Boot Camp in April, we will have a max of 12 people. That means we can interact, apply, and adjust much like in a F2F classroom.

Even though we won’t be meeting face to face, the online Boot Camp will be very practical and effective. This training will be a game-changer on your projects, and it will advance your career in ways that will surprise you.



Registration for Boot Camp, when done online, is $4000.

Let me know if you have any questions.

--BJ Fogg, PhD
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All 2020 Boot Camps are taking place online until we feel it is safe to hold in-person trainings again.
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I like working with people from the same org because they learn better. If you come with two or more colleagues, I will carve out some time to meet with you as a team and help you personally while you are at Boot Camp or afterwards via Zoom.
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