Membership Application
Established as a venue for emerging artists in 1986, Northcoast Artist Gallery differs from a traditional gallery because it is owned and operated by its members who share all the responsibilities of running the gallery.

To be eligible for membership, you have to live and work in the Mendocino county area. We are seeking artists who excel in their chosen discipline and bring diversity to the current work we exhibit. Artwork should be original and unique in comparison with what we currently display. It is also very important to have a cooperative spirit, enjoy working with your peers and connecting with the public.

Application submissions are taken on a rolling basis. Please read carefully the responsibilities involved with participating in our gallery before submitting your application. If accepted, you will be offered a guest position from four to six months and you will be able to experience first hand if a gallery membership works for you. After this time, if you’re interested and there is an opening, you may ask for a permanent membership.

Responsibilities of a guest member:
1. Pay a monthly due of ($100); membership fee is due on the 1st of the month, no exceptions. If applicant becomes a permanent member, there will be a one- time fee of $200 (which may be paid in installments over 4 months).
2. Work three to four shifts each month at the gallery, depending on the current membership numbers. (Each shift is 1/2 day. For most of the year this is three hours.) The shifts may be any combination of full days (2 shifts) and half days (1 shift).
3. Work on a committee to maintain the function of the gallery (6-8 hours a month). As a guest member coming into the gallery you will be working on the setup/display crew, which meets the Tuesday before first Friday of each month.
4. Attend monthly meetings, an annual meeting, and opening receptions.
5. Keep your display full with current work.

Responsibility of the gallery:
1. Promote and encourage sales of members’ artwork.
2. Provide 88% return on work sold.
3. Guarantee each member a solo show within a two-year period.

To apply for an initial guest membership, please supply the below information.
1. Your resume, along with a brief statement about your work.
2. 8-10 images which represent the kind of work you intend to show, along with a corresponding identification sheet with title, media, date, and price.
3. Your medium and a brief description of your technique.
4. Any experience which might contribute to the gallery such as sales, web design, construction, etc.
5. The price range of your work and if you producing enough to keep an adequate selection in the gallery and to change your display frequently.
6. How do you think you and Northcoast Artists will benefit each other?
7. Other places you have shown your work.
8. Please add any other pertinent information about yourself and your work that you would like us to know.

A membership committee will review your application materials and contact you via email with the results within two months of receiving the application.

Thank you for your interest in joining us!
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