542 Registration - 2021
“542” is a free of charge community based training program created by Beirut Marathon Association in 2014 to help non-runners and beginner runners become marathoners through a 5 months structured training program.
The name of the program, “542”, stands for “5” months of training for the “42.195” KM distance, which is the official distance of a Marathon.

As a community-based program, “542” relies on its experienced volunteer coaches who dedicate their time to train runners in different areas of Lebanon. “542” witnessed 6 previous editions (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019) which shaped a total of 609 marathon finishers who filled the heart of Beirut with happy faces, positive energy and shiny medals.

The 542-training journey consists of intensive training of sore muscles, exhaustion, recovery, self-discovery, nutrition plans, physical/mental wellbeing activities, injury prevention webinars and more. The “542” structure has proven to make this journey, which might first sound unbearable, go much smoother as training with a team is known to decrease anxiety levels and boost confidence at times of doubt.

“542” is more than a training program and a race, it’s a culture that shows to anyone in the community that an extreme goal is achievable given the correct training and the right support.
Beyond that, 542 is about bringing people of different ages, religions and social status, together as teams, working towards a common goal. That is the cornerstone of the program, it gathers diverse people forging friendships that motivate and empower individuals while breaking through social barriers present in our community.

What “542” creates is always remembered by the finishers and everyone who got to experience everything about the journey to 42.195 KM. Once a marathoner, always a marathoner.

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