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Do you participate with Global Women Connecting individually or in a group setting?
How often do you visit the Global Women Connecting Facebook page at ?
How often do you interact with the Global Women Connecting website or read our articles in ChristiaNet?
With 5 as most and 1 as least, how would you rank the following website features? “The Women’s Desk” – a regular feature in ChristiaNet. This email newsletter regularly shares prayer topics, financial and activity updates for the service project, and information regarding world events.
“The Listening Desk” – An offering where hearts and thoughts are shared. Intended to be authored by a variety of writers, the reader’s comments are sought to create dialogue on the blog article topic.
“The Resource Desk” – An ongoing collection of articles, papers and presentations on a variety of topics of global interest especially related to women and children.
“The Linking Desk” – An ongoing collection of interesting links.
Have you/would you use information found through Global Women Connecting's Service Projects, GWC History, Prayers, or the blog, "The Listening Desk" for your personal use or for your fellowship group's study?
Have you/would you contact a Global Women Connecting representative as a resource for you or your fellowship group?
Have you visited a World Convention/Global Women Connecting exhibit at the ICOM, DoC General Assembly, NACC, National Convocation, Quadrennial Assembly, Regional Assembly or other lecture or conference?
Have you attended a World Convention/Global Women Connecting Global Gathering or event?
What is your vision for Global Women Connecting? Add your thoughts here.
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