Tullie House – Planning to Reopen Survey
Hello. Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this survey.

The purpose of these questions is to help us understand your feelings about visiting the museum when we reopen. We want to learn how we can continue to offer a welcoming and positive environment for everyone who visits, whatever safety regulations remain.

Your views are valued and will help influence our plans.
1. How often did you visit Tullie House prior to lockdown?
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2. Do you think you will visit Tullie House when we reopen after the lockdown?
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3. If we reopen in July, when do you think you will feel comfortable visiting us?
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4. What are the most important factors in making a visit to Tullie House feel safe again? Please rank the following comforts from 1 to 7 (where 1 is the most important factor that would encourage you to return) *
Coronavirus vaccine
Schools reopening
All government restrictions lifted
Other museums, libraries, play-areas etc re-opening
Cleaning/distancing measures are in place
Seeing other people visit
No significant changes – I would come tomorrow if I could
5. There are various measures that may be put in place to make you feel more comfortable about visiting. How comfortable would each of these make you feel? *
Much more comfortable
A little more comfortable
Would make no difference
Less comfortable
Limiting numbers of visitors
Regular and visible cleaning,
Perspex screens at contact areas
Clear social distancing markings
Limited menu and reduced capacity in cafe
Hand sanitising stations
6. Do you have any comments, suggestions, or actions you would like to see Tullie House consider before re-opening?
7. We enjoy running events, talks and workshops in Tullie House. When do you think you’d be ready to start booking for events again? Please choose ONE.
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8. If you have viewed our social media/online content during lockdown, which of the following statements applies to you? Please tick all that apply.
9. As with many cultural charities our ability to fundraise and generate income has been compromised by the impacts of the current pandemic. We are considering various options to raise income and ensure a successful re-opening. To help us to survive as an organisation please let us know which of these you feel are most appropriate for us to consider?
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