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Hi there!  For those of you clicking from my friends sharing my link, I'm Mandy Jay, the owner of the Lime Green Sewing Room, an Etsy shop.  I've switched from bag making to mask making to help my friends, family, and their friends, while also helping my own family out as I'm currently working less hours due to COVID.  

To help streamline the process of making masks for you all, and make sure I can easily keep track of everything, I have created this order form.  I will also be utilizing my Etsy shop to help me with my bookkeeping, and again, to help streamline the process.  

Each mask is made of at least 2 layers of cotton.  The syles with the filter pocket have a third layer.  The elastic loops are fed through a casing on the side, which allows the wearer to adjust the size of the loops by changing the placement of the knot securing each loop.  There is a small bit of flexible wire across the nose to help shape the mask over the bridge of your nose as well, to keep the mask snugger to your cheeks, and help keep it in place better.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE NOT MEDICAL GRADE MASKS.  These are being recommended by the CDC and many state governments as a way to help you to slow the spread of this disease if you have it but are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.  These are not designed to help prevent you from catching anything.  Using a filter may help increase their effectiveness, but the addition of a filter is done at your own risk!

As a note - I share my house with two cats.  While I do try to keep them out of my sewing stuff, it's nearly impossible to keep cat dander off of everything.  If you are allergic, you may want to wash your mask twice in very hot water before putting it near your face.

Fill out this form for each mask you want.  If you only want one mask, you will fill out the form one time.  If you want 3 masks, you will fill out the form 3 times.  I am able to ship to multiple locations, so be sure to include the shipping address on each order, though my Etsy listing will ask you for your shipping information again.

NOTE - If you found my order form through Dance 'N Tees, you can place an order for pickup at Dance 'N Tees, please indicate pickup at Dance 'N Tees and which location, rather than fill out shipping information.

When I receive your order and add you to my order list, I will reach out to you to confirm, via your preferred contact method.

Depending on my workload and the size of your request,  it may take me up to 7 days to complete your order.  If anything changes, I will let you know as soon as I can.

I will be shipping on Mondays and Thursdays, to reduce the number of trips made to the post office.  

Once your order is complete, I will create a RESERVED Custom Listing for you in my Etsy shop.  If you are having me ship to multiple addresses, there will be a listing for each address.  I will contact you via your preferred method of contact and provide you with the link(s) to your listing(s).  Etsy will then calculate my sales tax, as well as your shipping fees, based on the speed of delivery you select.  From my experience so far, shipping has been averaging around $3-5 for first class, and $8-9 for priority.

Once I have provided you with the link, you will have 7 days to complete the transaction.  If necessary, I will reach out and remind you after 3 days, and again at 5.  If after the 7th day you have not claimed your masks, I will cancel the listing and list the masks for general sale in my Etsy shop.  I am hoping that it does not come to this, but I want to be sure that I am spending my time on masks that will be purchased.  If you will have issues meeting this 7 day timeframe, please let me know ASAP, I will work with you if you will work with me!

I have had some friends who are insisting on paying me more than I am asking for my masks.  Etsy does not provide the option to give tips, but if you would like to leave a tip, you can do so via my Buy Me a Coffee page ( ).  Tips are not required, but are appreciated, as they will help to offset the cost of my Etsy fees!

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Your name *
If you are ordering multiple masks, please indicate in this field, by adding "order x of y" after your name, where x is the order number and y is the total number you are ordering (Order 1 of 4, Order 2 of 4, etc).  This will allow me to easily see how many masks I need to bill you for.
Best place to contact you *
When I confirm your order, when your order is complete, or if there are questions regarding the order, I will need to contact you.  Please let me know if Facebook Messenger or email is better for you, and provide your contact details for that service.  Unless you are picking up at Dance 'N Tees, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER, I DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS LINE.  Reminder:  as I am not asking for payment for these up front, I may list your item for general sale in my Etsy shop if you do not respond to attempts to contact you in a timely manner, so please provide contact information for whatever service you will check most frequently.
Shipping address for this mask *
Please enter the shipping information for this mask - this allows me to group masks if you are ordering multiples and want them shipped to various locations.
Choose a Mask Style *
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Elastic or Ties *
Fabric Options
Available fabrics can be found here:

Keep in mind - colors may vary in person compared to on your screen.  I've done my best to adjust the colors of the photos to be a close match to the fabric on my screen, but your screen may present them differently.

Please select 3 choices.  Some fabrics I have limited quantities and may only be able to make one or two masks, and I will be taking orders first come, first serve.  I will remove options as they become unavailable, but there may be orders ahead of yours before I find out they are unavailable.  If all three of your choices have become unavailable, I will contact you.  If you do not care at all, please put "your choice" in all three blanks.

All images in the gallery have a comment with a suggested name/description.  You may provide this, or link directly to the image of your choice.

Elastic will be white or black. I have more black than white, so if black will coordinate well with your fabric, you will likely receive black elastic.  
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