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Welcome to The Travelsmiths! We appreciate you coming to us for your travel needs. Please fill out the form below so that we may provide you with the most relevant quote. One of our agents will get back to you during our business hours of Monday - Friday, 9AM-5PM (except major holidays and weekends).

If you are traveling with other people and you would each like a separate quote (i.e., you are each paying for your own portions), we request that each traveler fill out this form. Please just leave a note in the comments section so we know that you are traveling together.

Please note: If you have points that you would like to use for your trip, that would be done on your own as we are unable to handle points on another person's behalf.

For destination weddings and corporate travel, please contact our office directly at

All information collected on this form will be used only by The Travelsmiths for the purpose of planning travel.

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Please provide a description of what you have in mind and the purpose of the trip. If it includes multiple cities, please mention how you like to get around (fly, drive, train, etc.) The more details we have, the more accurate of a quote you will receive.
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Please keep in mind that the more accurate the dates the more accurate of a quote that we can provide. Having flexible dates may result in variety of prices.
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If you need airfare, which airport(s) do you prefer to fly in and out off?
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