RIPUL Captain Application - 2021
Please fill out the below application if you'd like to be considered for captaining in RIPUL 2021!

If you change your mind closer to the start of RIPUL, that is perfectly okay too. If COVID vaccine progress isn't moving fast enough for you, and you don't feel you can safely captain/play, you are more than welcome to withdraw your candidacy. There will be no judgement or consequences at all!
Name: *
Email Address *
Gender Pronouns: *
Do you have another person you would like to captain with? If so - what is their name? *Please note that we aim to have captains of different gender identities.
Which type of captain would you consider yourself to be: On-the-Field, or Off-the-Field? The 'on the field' leader would focus on helping to teach newer players, explain strategies, etc, while the 'off the field'/'spirit' leader would focus more on creating a positive attitude, organizing team events, etc. *
How long have you been playing ultimate? *
What experience do you have as a leader in ultimate? (I.e. captaining, tournament organizing, volunteering, etc.) *
Why do you believe you would be a good captain? What do you think you could bring to a team as a captain? *
How would you promote spirit of the game and camaraderie within your team? *
What does it mean to you to "win" in RIPUL? *
How will you make new players to RIPUL and ultimate feel included as members of the team and league?
If a player that you drafted on your team told you they intentionally were un-spirited (i.e. called a disc up that they knew they did not catch) - how would you respond to this player? *
By submitting this application, I am agreeing to serve as a role model for other players within RIPUL. This includes but is not limited to upholding the mission of RIPUL, standing overtly for Spirit of the Game, and agreeing to the RIPUL Captain's Agreement/Code of Conduct: *
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