The VALIANT Virtual Exchange programme: Connecting education practitioners in rural and isolated contexts through Virtual Exchange
VALIANT is an Erasmus+ KA3 project which will engage school teachers in international Virtual Exchange projects with other teachers across Europe as well as with student teachers and educational experts. These exchanges will take place in English and will require approximately a B2 communicative level.

The VALIANT Virtual Exchange programme will give participants the opportunity to develop their digital and intercultural skills, share experiences with colleagues in other European contexts and develop their knowledge about themes related to teaching and learning.

VALIANT is being specifically designed for teachers and student teachers working or studying in rural areas or contexts where they have:

-Limited access to specialised experts and trainers.
-Difficulties attending workshops due to, for example, long driving distances.
-Difficulties to participate in in-house professional development activities

If you would like to apply to take part in a VALIANT Virtual Exchange in the autumn of 2021, please complete this short registration form.

You can read more details of the different Virtual Exchanges on our project website here:

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I agree that if I am accepted for this Virtual Exchange that I will be expected to participate in online activities (including some zoom video conference sessions) during the months of October-December 2021.
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I understand that if I complete the Virtual Exchange successfully, I will be awarded an official certificate in English which will state clearly what the project involved.
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