Tandoor User Survey
Help make Tandoor recipes a better application by sharing some insights on how you use the application. Find out more about Tandoor on the offical GitHub repository https://github.com/vabene1111/recipes
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By understanding which features you use I can better focus development on relevant topics.
Used regularly
Used sometimes
Used rarely
Never used
Import Recipes from Websites
Shopping Lists
Meal Planning
Recipe Books
External Recipes
Recipe Sharing
Nutritional Information
Meal Plan / Shopping List Sharing
Cook Log / View History
Proxy Authentication / OAuth
Rest API
Ingredient Templating
Recipe Step Timers
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Where do you use Tandoor ?
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How often do you use Tandoor
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How many people use your instance ?
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How did you install Tandoor
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How many Recipes do you have ?
You can view this under "Storage Data" > "Statistics"
Did you import your recipes from another Platform ?
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What did you use to manage your recipes before using Tandoor ?
Additional Feedback
Share your wishes, ideas, things that annoy you or whatever you always wanted to tell me :)
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