Supra Endura: Creative Converstaions Podcast Survey
Dear friends and family,

I am working on the second season of the Supra Endura Creative Conversations podcast and wanted to reach out with a survey. I would love to learn more about you and get your thoughts on what is working and what can be improved upon with the podcast. The survey should take 5- 10 minutes and I am really eager to hear what you think.

If you have not yet listened to the podcast you can listen on my website or listen on your favorite listening app.


What is your age?
What gender do you identify with?
What city and state do you live in?
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What made you want to listen to the podcast?
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What do you like about the podcast?
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What can be improved upon with the podcast?
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How did you find out about the podcast?
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What other podcasts do you listen to?
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Do you work in a creative field or are you interested in working in a creative field?
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Are you interested in entrepreneurship
What guest do you like the best?
Any other thoughts you would like to share?
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