2018 Bells Lake Group Swim Lessons
Hello Members and Non-Members of Greenwood Park Bells Lake Community Club! Thank you for your interest in signing up your child/children for group swimming lessons. This form will be used for information purposes for group lesson signups. Once you submit the form, I will send you a confirmation email of the details of your lesson(s). If you would like to sign up for additional lessons throughout the summer, just re-submit the form with the dates/times you would like. Payments must be made at the main office on the day of the first lesson of the week/day you signed up for. (May want to arrive a little earlier on that day). Below are the days/times/prices:

June 25th - August 26th (1:5 instructor/swimmer ratio maximum)

Ages 3 & older (must be toilet-trained)

Members: Monday thru Friday/Session 1(10:45am-11:15am)/Session 2 (11:30am-12:00pm)/$40 (includes all 5 days)
Non-Members: Monday thru Friday/Session 1(10:45am-11:15am)/Session 2 (11:30am-12:00pm)/$60 (includes all 5 days)

Members: Sunday: Session 1 (8:15am-8:45am) / Session 2 (9:00am-9:30am) / $10
Non-Members: Sunday: Session 1 (8:15am-8:45am) / Session 2 (9:00am-9:30am) / $15

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at manager@bellslake.com.

Jake Klavens
Bells Lake Manager

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