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Grants are made in the Community Services and Projects area. The pool of funds to be distributed annually varies, but is likely to be in the $5,000 range annually. The Board will award grants based on the amount of money available and the applicant pool. There may not be enough money to fund all grants, some groups may not receive a grant, and awards could be less than the amount requested. Grant requests must be $100-$750.  Grant Applications are due by May 1st.  Please complete the following form to apply for a grant.

Groups may apply for more than one grant; please prioritize your applications (first priority, second priority, etc).

If you have questions about this you may direct them to: We are all volunteers so if you have an urgent request contact one of the Tinmouth Community Fund Board members listed on our website: 

All applications are due May 1st by 11:59 p.m.  No late applications will be accepted.

To close your grant out, you must submit a final grant report with photos!  The form is available on the town website:
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Address: *
Phone number: *
Grant Amount Requested ($100-$750; would you accept less?): *
If you are selected for a grant please indicate the individual to whom the check shall be made out to: *
Total Budget for Project: *
1. What does your group do for the Town of Tinmouth and its residents? If you have a mission, what is it? *
2. Describe your project: (What do you want to do?, Note: A photo of your project or initiative is required for your Grant Report) *
3. Include a budget for your project.  How much will it cost, and where will you get the money?  How much can you get for free or reduced cost?  How much volunteer help do you have to reduce the project cost?  If you are charging a fee or bringing in any money, show that too.  If your organization has a budget, what is it and how are you funded?  Total Project Cost: Donations or volunteer labor:  Anticipated income: Other sources of funding:  Grant request from TCF:  Can your project go forward without the full amount of funding from TCF?  Annual budget? *
4. Describe how your proposed project will make Tinmouth a better place. How many people from Tinmouth will be impacted by your project? *
5. Why should we fund your grant application? *
6. Tell us one cool thing about how the TCF is helping your project or organization. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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