Pick Up Your #TrunkMeat!
Place your order for the event on November 24 at Detroit City Clubhouse. We will do our best to fulfill your requests, and if we are unable, we will let you know ASAP!
We appreciate cash payments, but we can also accept payments via card.
Find the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/2384101371907574/
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Did you pre-order a turkey?
If you did not pre-order a turkey, would you like to purchase one? $3.50/lb
If yes, approximately how large of a turkey would you like? We have a range between 12 and 22 lb.
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Would you like whole chickens? $4.50/lb
If yes, how many?
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Would you like a Bone Broth Bundle? $35
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Would you like chicken eggs? $4.50/doz
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