Pre-Trial Release Risk Assessment
Magistrate Court of Pickens County | Appalachian Judicial Circuit | State of Georgia
Full Name
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Charges for current admission? (Please list charge and warrant / citation # and use a separate line for each charge)
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Date of current admission?
Age at current admission?
Current most serious charge for this admission?
Is there a charge on this admission that the issuing Judge has marked as "Hearing Only"?
Employment status at admission?
Marital status at time of admission?
Does the accused have a cell phone or a home phone?
Time at current residence?
History of substance abuse or mental health diagnosis?
Previous FTA Warrants on criminal history?
Previous felony convictions on criminal history?
Previous misdemeanor convictions on criminal history?
Currently on Probation or Parole?
Currently on bond at time of admission?
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