ColdTowne is thrilled that you are interested in our Scholarship Program. This scholarship + mentorship program is aimed at increasing representation, diversity and inclusivity at our theater and in the world.

We want to ensure that improv comedy remains an art form for everyone. We believe the best art is inclusive, collaborate, honest and at times hilarious as well as representative of as many voices and points of view possible.

Scholarships are open to those who have not yet studied improv at ColdTowne Theater.

If selected, you will receive tuition to a full eight-week session of classes. If after that session, you wish to continue, you may re-apply for the next level. If awarded a scholarship, you must be willing to meet a few very simple criteria:

* PLEASE NOTE this scholarship is available only to students who are not currently enrolled in improv or sketch classes at another theater or conservatory.

√ Confirm your are not currently enrolled in improv or sketch classes at another theater or conservatory

√ Attend and participate fully in your class, missing no more than 2 classes during an 8-week session.

√ See at least one free improv show at ColdTowne per 8-week session.

√ Have a few conversations with your ColdTowne Theater Conservatory Scholarship mentor / buddy to check in and see how things are going.

√  Complete an end-of-session survey about your experience. (This will help us continue to improve the scholarship experience for everyone!)

* Because scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, we ask that you apply for your next scholarship at least three weeks prior to the session you wish to take.

Our scholarship program is not explicitly need-based and we will not ask you financial questions. However, we ask that applicants consider their own financial situation when deciding to submit so that the award can be given to those who might not otherwise be able to benefit from our classes.

Our goal is to award at least one scholarship per session.

We are honored that you have decided to explore this opportunity and we look forward to getting to know you better!

Welcome to the ColdTowne community!

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