STEM Fellowship High School Spring Internship Program Application
Our applications are now closed for the 2018 program and will open in October for the Spring 2019 Program.
What is STEM Fellowship?
STEM Fellowship is a Canadian student-run, non-profit organization that aims to equip the next generation of student researchers with skills in inquiry, scholarly writing and data sciences. We introduce students to the research process and provide them with opportunities for hands-on inquiry based learning outside of the classroom. We unite high school and university students, teachers and academic/industry experts, empowering young innovators to learn collaboratively, express their passion for STEM and furthermore, to expand the scope of human knowledge through multidisciplinary inquiry.
What is the High School Internship Program?
Our internship program allows high school students from communities underrepresented in STEM pursuits to conduct research in labs at the U of C under the supervision of graduate and PhD students. Participants will have the opportunity to explore possible career opportunities while gaining exposure to the various fields of research undertaken at the university. This also provides mentorship opportunities for graduate and PhD students who would be interested in working with high school students in their lab.
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