Project CENTRL Application Class 27
Dear CENTRL Candidate,
We appreciate your interest in a once in a lifetime leadership journey with Project CENTRL! Over 600 leaders have completed the leadership program since the first class started in 1983. Project CENTRL is seeking candidates who will continue a proud tradition of civic engagement now and for years to come.

Additional application materials are available on the Project CENTRL website at Please review all of the information in the online packet before completing this form to formally submit your application. It is your responsibility to have a completed application packet, which includes the Application, two Recommendations and an Employer Approval Form, submitted to the CENTRL office by March 15, 2018. Only applicants with completed packets may be considered for an interview. Selection is competitive and made by Project CENTRL Board of Directors serving on the Selection Committee.

Candidates are encouraged to visit with Project CENTRL Alumni to learn about their experiences in the leadership program. If you have any questions, please contact Scott Koenig, Executive Director, or 602-827-8227.
Best wishes in your candidacy for Project CENTRL!

Cheryl Goar
President, CENTRL Board of Directors

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I will be at least 25 years old by June 1, 2018
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