MV Manager Application
Thank you for your  interest in Multiverse! This application is for a management position for our club. Please know that all staff interactions should be summarized or sent in a notecard to your assigned manager for transparency and seamless interactions with staff and guests. 

Things of note: 
-First and foremost, if accepted, you will have a trial period. We can't trust just anyone in this position, so we need to know for sure that you will be a good fit for our team. 

-Second, we do use Discord as a method of communication with our staff. While not ALL of our staff uses this, we do want our managers to use it, as a management position isn't just for the club, but also for the server. 

-Third, we are a multilingual club. It would  be in your best  interest to invest in a translator while you are in our club. This is important, because some of our DJ's and guests do not speak English at all, and you will not be able to understand them if you do not use a translator. If you are in the club, and you are unsure of what language is being spoken, feel free to message Aurora or look at our schedule spreadsheet (will be provided upon hiring). Each staff member has their native language next to their name in the schedule spreadsheet. The translator most of us use is the Q Translator in the Marketplace, however, any translator will work. Q is rather expensive.
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SL Name (Name Resident) *
Discord Handle *
Would you prefer to be contacted on Discord or Second Life? *
Native language *
If your native language isn't English, in what way do you speak and understand English? *
Availability (Days/Times during the week) *
Best time to contact you for an interview (In second life time) *
Do you have management experience? Please explain. Where have you worked? What did you do? *
Tell us about your personality. Think outside the box. How would you describe yourself? *
Currently, we do not have a manager tip jar. You may rez one when you are on duty, but please pick it up when you are done. You should always stay near your tip jar so people know it is for you. Do you understand and agree? *
In  the event where you may not get along with a staff member you are on duty with, please be sure to contact AuroraJade.Venus right away to help resolve the conflict, or request a different time slot. Do you understand and agree? *
What  management role(s) (DJ Manager, Club Manager, Schedule Manager, General Manager, etc) do you feel you would be best at and why? *
We are an LGBTQ+ friendly Club and safe space. We absolutely will not tolerate any slurs, hate speech or homophobic/transphobic/racist remarks from our staff, inside or outside the club. Do you understand and agree? *
Sometimes, we don't see responses here right away. If you do not get a response within 48 hours, please contact AuroraJade.Venus to let her know you applied. Thank You ^_^ *
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