Know Your Rights
Watch the Crash Course Government clip (episode 23: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties) and answer the series of thought questions below.

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Crash Course - Civil Rights & Liberties
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1. What is the difference between Civil Rights and Civil Liberties? *
2. What are substantive liberties? Provide an Example. *
3. What are Procedural Liberties? Provide an Example. *
4. What are Civil Liberties and where do they come from? *
5. What is the significance, or lack there of, of the case of Barron v. Baltimore (1833)? *
6. How did the 14th Amendment extend protections granted at the federal level? *
7. What is Selective Incorporation? How do the courts factor in to the process? *
8. Why is the issue of rights complicated by the division of power between states and the federal government? *
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