Con-Jikan Satisfaction Survey
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In deciding whether or not to attend future Con-Jikan events, how important are the following factors?
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Ticket Price/Affordability
Convention Length/Total Days
Guest Lineup
Date Held
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How did you originally hear about Con-Jikan?
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What days did you attend Con-Jikan?
How would you rate your experience at Con-Jikan?
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How did you participate in Con-Jikan?
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How easy was registration and badge pickup?
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How would you rate our volunteers and staff?
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Do you have any specific (positive or negative) experiences with our volunteers or staff you would like to share with us?
Do you feel you got your money's worth at Con-Jikan?
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Did you stay at the hotel?
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Please rate the following elements of Con-Jikan.
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4 - Good
3 - No Opinion
2 - Disappointing
1 - Terrible
Didn't participate
Exhibitors' Hall - Dealers
Exhibitors' Hall - Artists
Celebrity Guests
Cosplay and Variety Guests
Ribbon Collecting
Fan Panels
Cosplay Chess
Video Gaming
Gaming Tournaments
Board Gaming
Pen & Paper RPGs
Maid Cafe Sessions
Online Program
Print Program
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