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Please fill out this form when sending in pieces for consignment to be sold at SoHo Luxury Exchange. If you have not already, please text us photos of potential pieces for consignment at (614) 886-9190 for a complimentary price quote before submitting this form.
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I acknowledge the receipt for __ (number of items) submitted for consignment at SoHo Luxury Exchange. *
The undersigned Consignor authorizes and directs SoHo Luxury Exchange to sell the above described item(s) on the following terms and conditions: Consignors receive the percentage of the selling price of each item--as noted in previously agreed upon quotes--that sells during the consignment period of 60 days of receipt at SoHo Luxury Exchange. SoHo will contact the consignor when item has arrived. *
I certify I am the lawful owner of the above merchandise presented for consignment and it is authentic. SoHo Luxury Exchange will assume the risk of loss upon receipt of merchandise. *
Consignor will maintain risk of loss until items are received by store. SoHo is not responsible for any items lost, damaged, or otherwise devalued in transit. Consignor will indemnify and hold harmless SoHo for any claims, damagesm or other causes of action that result from transport of consigned items prior to receipt. *
SoHo will reimburse for standard shipping costs (USPS Priorty Mail + Signature Tracking). Transport insurance is consignor's preference and will not be reimbursed. *
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