Fall 2020 Academy for American Democracy (AAD) Application - Individual Student(s)
Give your sixth-grader a learning experience they'll never forget!

Thanks to generous support, we are able to provide this program free of charge. In order for your child to be considered for participation in a cohort of students, please complete the below application thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Applications close Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact us at aad@nyhistory.org.
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If you are part of a homeschool cohort or learning pod, what is your group's name?
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Is there anything we should know about your students and their learning needs (any students with special needs or English language learners)? *
How did you hear about the AAD? *
There are 10 one-hour lessons in each residency. We can facilitate one or multiple lessons per day, and can complete the 10 lessons over one week or multiple weeks, depending on needs. We will do our best to build cohorts of students with similar scheduling needs, but cannot guarantee flexibility or accommodation. Residencies take place over Zoom or Google Meet.
Select all the weeks in which you could begin your 10-session residency(ies): *
Which online platform(s) work best for you? (choose all that apply) *
Each residency is made up of 10 one-hour sessions. How often would you like your classes to meet? (choose all that apply) *
Ideally, what time of day would you like the residency to take place? (Choose all that apply) *
What is your goal for your time with the AAD? *
In what ways do you hope your student(s) benefit from the AAD experience? *
How will you prepare your student(s) for the AAD? *
In order for your application to be considered, you must reply "Yes" to each of the below, indicating agreement with each statement.
At least one adult will attend each remote lesson. If this is not possible, I give permission for the participating student to participate unaccompanied. *
Adult will participate in a one-hour remote planning session with N-YHS at least two weeks in advance of the first AAD lesson. *
Adult will play an active role in supporting N-YHS AAD administrators and educators in classroom management. *
Participating adults will complete and submit all surveys and evaluation forms within two weeks of the last day of the AAD. *
I am committed to full participation in the AAD program and will do what is expected of us and all within our power to ensure program success. *
Participating student(s) will have access to a remote learning device, wifi and Google Drive. *
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