Fermenters Club® Community Leader Application
Are you interested in forming and leading a Fermenters Club® Community in your town? We're looking for motivated fermented food fanatics who are willing and able to:
- Represent Fermenters Club in your local town
- Organize and lead public chapter meetings at least every other month
- Share their knowledge and love about fermented foods with the community
- Find and invite local speakers to chapter meetings
- Conduct outreach efforts in your town to help grow the chapter membership
- Time commitment: 5 to 10 hours a month
- Be at least 18 years old

Please complete this short form to let us know about you and your city. We'll get back to you soon!
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What are some public venues you would suggest for chapter meetings? Please include the name and zip/postal code for each suggestion. *
Breweries, brew pubs, farms, lodges, libraries, parks, natural food stores, churches, and retail food stores are good examples of places to gather.
What do you feel makes you are well suited to organize and lead a Fermenters Club chapter? Discuss your experience with fermentation, professional qualifications (public speaking, teacher etc.), and your other interests. *
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