Committee Interest List
DISCLAIMER: This is just the interest list. Signing up doesn't mean you're a part of the committee
Drivers Committee
Provide safe method of transportation for club members.

-Drive at least 2 members to from PBS to an event and back for 1 driver credit.
-6 drivers credit are required to satisfy committee credit.

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Headers Committee
Headers will provide the club with group leaders who are responsible for AGS members when volunteering at an event. Members will cultivate communication, organizational, people and leadership skills

-Attend a Header Orientation
-Head 5 Events

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Historian Committee
To obtain digital content during AGS volunteering events and socials, in order to produce quality video/s which will be played at the Banquet. By capturing the main moments that define AGS through its members’ actions, this production’s ultimate goal is to commemorate our honor society’s hard work, dedication and involvement in our community.
Math Tutoring Committee
Provide Math tutoring to students in need on campus.

- At least completed Math 2 or Math 54
- Tutor a minimum of 2 hours per week (maximum of 5)
- 10 hours tutoring are required to satisfy committee credit

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Election Committee
To accurately and confidentially count the AGS board ballots.

-Be Responsible, confidential
-Be able to attend both morning and night meetings on 5/4 and 5/18
-Be able to meet the days after those meetings on 5/5 and 5/19 to count votes

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Finance Committee
TV Taping Committee
Newsletter Committee
Write articles about AGS events to contribute to the newsletter.

-Publish 3 articles, one for each month of the semester. These articles contribute to a monthly newsletter.

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See's Candies Committee
Help sort and organize See's Candy

-Complete 1 Fundraiser
-Help sort/transport See's Candy 3 times

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Community Service Committee
Provide community service events for AGS volunteers to participate in.

**Find and organize at least 3 events on your own.

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Club Row Committee
Assist Committee Chair in planning, preparing, and promoting for/during Club Row in order to recruit new members for the following semester.

-Assist Committee Chair with Club Row preparations
-Attend Club Row

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Special Events Committee
Assist Committee Chair in planning, preparing, and running events hosted by AGS such as the picnic social.

-Assist Committee Chair with Picnic preparations
-Attend Picnic
-If needed help with another event planed by AGS

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Banquet Committee
Assist in planning and organizing the AGS Banquet :)

~Brainstorm creative ways to make the banquet awesome
~Make cool decorations through drawing, painting, etc.
~Set up the dance floor as well as game tables
~Help recruit talents for the talent show
~Acquire donations from stores for the banquet

~Great work ethic
~Ability to communicate fluently in English!!!!
~Competent and Organized
~Attendance at the Banquet on 5/20/2017

~Able to drive
~Background in arts/design/communications

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Publicity Committee
Assist Committee Chair in publicizing the chapter via social media and on campus.
Recruit new members to the Alpha Gamma Chapter

-Submit 1 Artwork

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Website Committee
Assist Committee Chair in projects that the committee has.

-Contribute to a project.

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