20,000SUM free drop-down (Round 2 - The last round - limited to 5000 members)
Project Details SUMNER
TokenTracker: SUMNER (SUM)
Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 SUM
Decimals: 8

Website: https://www.sumnerchain.com/
SUM token for sale
Buy SUM automatically via smart contracts (1ETH = 2,000,000SUM)
Send ETH to the smart contract to buy SUM

Smart Contract : Send ETH to the smart contract to buy SUM

Buy 0.1 ETH and above to receive 50% bonus
0.01 ETH = 20,000SUM No bonus
0.1 ETH = 200,000SUM 50% bonus
10 ETH = 20,000,000SUM 100% bonus

Softcap 250ETH
Hardcap 500ETH
Send 0ETH to the smart contract to receive 750 SUM, Each wallet address can only be received once

Or see here: https://www.sumnerchain.com/buy-sum

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