STEAM Room User Agreement
Welcome to the STEAM Room! Please review the policies and guidelines set forth below. Acceptance of and compliance with these provisions is required for your use of the space, tools, and equipment provided by STEAM Room.
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Please read the following User Agreement policies:
1) Prior to use of any applicable STEAM Room equipment, the user must successfully complete any relevant certification training courses as indicated by STEAM Room staff.
2) A user may be asked at any time to present proof of certification for equipment being used. Failure to present proof of certification will result in the user being asked to cease using equipment until proof can be provided, or the user has been re-certified.
3) Where pricing has been established, the user agrees to pay for any and all materials used in the creation of objects they attempt to sew, cut, mold, or otherwise fabricate, including all waste, regardless of outcome including failure, or cause of failure.
4) The user acknowledges that STEAM Room pricing is subject to change at any time.
5) Tools and equipment are available on a first-come, first-served basis, unless the equipment has been previously reserved.
6) The user agrees to clean up any mess they make while within STEAM Room, and return all equipment in the same working order and condition.
7) The user acknowledges that there is an inherent risk in the tools and equipment made available in the studio, and that improper use may result in injury. (Note: Make sure to ask a STEAM Specialist if you have any uncertainty about the proper use of the equipment.)
8) The fabrication of illegal, dangerous, and other inappropriate objects using STEAM Room equipment is expressly prohibited.
9) The user agrees to adhere to all policies and processes of the STEAM Room not mentioned in this document, as set forth during certification courses, and as dictated or posted by any STEAM Specialist.
10) Failure to adhere to the above policies and guidelines is cause for the revocation of a user’s certification(s) and immediate dismissal from STEAM Room.
By submitting my electronic signature, I understand and agree to uphold and abide by all policies and guidelines set forth.
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