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In order to be a part of the film workshop and resulting film, we need your recorded permission or, if you're under 18, your caregiver's permission. Only First 15 sign-ups accepted. We will email to confirm.
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Media Waiver - Please sign this waiver if you will permit use of your/your child’s image as described below. If you do not sign this waiver, we will not be able to include your/your child in our films, workshops, nor promotions:  I understand that Astoria Film Festival Inc. is a nonprofit organization that promotes film and STEAM education and appreciation, to its students, and to the community at large. As such, articles, social media posts, films, brochures, videos, and websites including my/my child’s image may be made by Astoria FilmFestival Inc. and used either promotionally or educationally and may include images ofAstoria Film Festival Inc participants in our programs. I hereby permit the use of my image, or my child’s image, to be photographed, videotaped or otherwise recorded and used in Astoria Film Festival Inc. films, publicity, or educational materials, including, but not limited to, films, websites, social media posts, newsletters, brochures, other publications, websites, and other digital/VR/AR platforms. *
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