Book the Gecko Bus
Want the Gecko to come to your place of work or special event? Here's a bunch of stuff to consider 1st.

1. Before you make a request, make sure you have your boss, school principal or landowners approval.

2. Once you have approval, you can go to this cool booking form and fill in all the required info and click submit so we can verify details.

3. Once the application is complete, we'll contact you ASAP to verify availability.

The small print; We're looking for 5 permanent spots to park the Gecko, Monday thru Fridays so that companies know that we will be visiting them on a specific day of the week. This leaves the weekends open for special events, so make sure you book early before all the dates are taken. Submitting the request does not guarantee availability.

Date of Event *
Date you wish to have the Gecko at your event
Event *
What type of event are you planning to have? IE; work function, birthday party, just because.
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Organization *
Name of your organization
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Your Name *
Name of the person requesting the Gecko
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Your Contact Information *
Phone #, email of person requesting the Gecko
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Address of Event & Description of Location *
Address of where you want the Gecko to be at, and general description of that location, IE; parking lot.
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Lunch, Supper or Both *
What meal(s) and time would you like to book the Gecko for?
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Approximate # of people are you expecting? *
Although we have no minimum amount of diners, we do have a minimum amount of $$, and it depends on the day, time of year, etc. We'll be able to go over those details with you once the ball gets rolling.
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Landowners Name *
Name of the person who owns the property that you intend on using
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Your Boss, Principal or Landowners Contact Information *
Phone # and email of whoever you had to get permission from to have the Gecko visit you.
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Anything Else You'd like us to Know?
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