A Gathering Under the Stars 2021 (facilitators)
To apply as a (1:Many) teacher, educator, instructor, storyteller, musician, drumming circle or a 1:1 facilitator. (Volunteers will have a separate form.)
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If yes, maybe or other, describe the group activity in a paragraph. If/when selected as a facilitator, I will request a more refined description. For now, a summary will do. You are welcome to send me video links, handouts or other supporting documentation.
Tell me more about you, your qualifications, experience, etc. If you have a bio, you can add it here. If you are selected, I will request a finalized bio, a current photo of you, logos and other information due by May 31, 2022.
A general admission ticket for the full weekend is included if you are selected as a 1:Many facilitator. You may add a brochure, business card, coupon or swag to the retreatant's gift bags. If you are chosen as a keynote speaker or if you are chosen for more than one offering, lunch and dinners will also be included. This is a for profit retreat, if you are requesting additional compensation to what was just listed, please make your request here.
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