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If you have already purchased your domain name, please provide it here. If you haven't, please note whether you are going to buy one after your landing page is completed. You can also read our suggestions on where to buy the domain here:
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If you have questions that are not clarified by the pricing table at or FAQ at, you can leave them in the "Comments" at the bottom of this form or send us an email at before placing your order and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Provide your book's blurb or any other text you would like to use on your landing page.
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If your book is already published, provide a link to Amazon or your favorite retailer here, or its ASIN number or an ISBN number.
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If you would link to your book (or author page like this one: on Apple Books, please provide the ISBN which was used to publish your ebook with Apple. If you haven't bought it from an ISBN agency and used an ebook distributor to sell on Apple Books, you will find that ISBN on your dashboard with the distributor. The ISBN would look like this: 9781739821432. Alternatively, if you can't find the ISBN but know Apple Books page address (like, that will work too (we just need the id, which is id1594236777 but it's fine to send the full link if easier for you).
Landing page button link (or description of where you want it to link to)
Where should the button (buttons) on the landing page direct readers to? It can be your book at retailers, your newsletter sign up form hosted by your email marketing provider or anything else you want to. The button can also trigger a pop-up with buttons for all retailers (if you would like that, provide all these links below). For packages that allow two buttons, one button could be for the book and the second one for the newsletter sign up. It's up to you. If you don't provide any information here, we will use the link you provided above.
File uploads
If you have a cover file, please upload it at In addition to the cover's JPG file, we highly recommend uploading a layered source file (PSD) from your designer that we can use to create an amazing website background at no extra cost. You can also upload any other artwork that you would like us to consider as a background.
Color scheme (optional)
By default, we will match the color scheme of the website (backgrounds, buttons) to your cover, but if you don't have a cover yet or you have "brand" color scheme for your books, please share the details here. If you don't have any color scheme yet, we will choose one for you or select your favorite from the following list: green, red, blue, purple, pink, orange, lime, blue-dark, red-dark, brown, cyan-dark, yellow, slate, olive, teal, green-bright.
Custom short links (optional)
If you would like to have a short link, easy to type and remember, in your own domain, that you could share with others or use in your marketing, enter it below in the following format: /short-link Use new line for each new link. For example: /formatting or /alp If you are not sure what this is for, take a look at the information here:
Email marketing service (optional)
If you want to use an embedded (built-in) sign up form on your landing page (only possible with 3Y package), we need to know which email service you are using (or plan to use). Once we confirm your order, we will send you a video tutorial to show you how to get the form code we need to connect the form to your email marketing service. Also, if you are using a service different than MailerLite or MailChimp, please note below whether it would be fine by you if we took over this process for you entirely (at no extra charge) and record the video of the process to help other authors do it on their own (all private and sensitive data will be edited out from the video and you will be able to approve the video before it's made available to others). A priority is given to authors who agree to this. If you are not using an email service yet, we highly recommend MailerLite as it's by far more powerful and easy to use than MailChimp (even on the free plan).
Where did you hear about us?
If there is anything else you would like to share with us regarding your landing page, let us know here. You could, for example, choose a font for your landing page header from or LANDSCAPE image that matches your book's mood from to use for your site's background (or a slideshow for 3Y package) and share the links here. If you think our service or offer could get any better, feel free to share your feedback here as well.
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We would love to keep you updated on deals and offers for your website, as well as our book design and formatting services, book publishing courses, free tutorials, useful spreadsheets for authors, checklists and other useful author resources from us exclusively (no 3rd-party offers). We promise to send these emails infrequently and only when we have something of real value to offer. Each promotional email will include *fine-grained control over what you wish to receive in the future*, so you can decide to limit communication only to website offers and free tutorials, for example, and exclude anything related to our design services or paid courses. **You can unsubscribe completely at any time**. As a thank you for signing up, we will send you a time-saving spreadsheet that will help you easily set Amazon paperback prices on KDP: simply enter VAT-inclusive price you want to use (e.g. 9.99) and you get VAT-exclusive prices for all marketplaces on KDP paperback setup form.
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