Storytelling Workshop for Survivors of Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse
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Sundays, Nov 12 and 19th. 11am to ~2pm.

~~ Call Link, Resources, and Additional Info Will Be Sent A Few Days Beforehand ~~

This is a three-part generative storytelling workshop with prompts and connection for survivors interested in exploring through writing, visual artist, speaking. If you're asking yourself if you're ~creative~ enough, or survivor enough, this space is also for you. As a trans facilitator, I also encourage people of all genders and sexualities to attend.

There are multiple themed weeks to build safety amongst the group, and acknowledge some days are easier than others. It will be a guided space, which will include community-made ground rules with confidentiality at the forefront. Each week will include an opening and closing, guided prompts, and optional time to share.

Materials: Whatever tools you use for your medium and connection to Zoom from a private room or with headphones on. A grounding object if you need it! A glass of water if you need it!

Important notes: (1) This group will be facilitated in USA English, but you're welcome to incorporate any language use in your personal exploration. (2) It is a workshop series. It's not intended as therapy nor as any measure of professional goodness, but as a space to find new ways to connect to yourself and others through creative outlets, speaking, and listening. I would also not call it a true "support group" given some of my power positions in arts-world and my guiding of the prompts.

A little about me, the facilitator! For transparency,
My name is Lexie; my pronouns they/he. I'm non-binary trans and neurodivergent. My experience as a childhood sexual abuse survivor and someone who re-experienced harm as an adult; my experience of this is has been heavily informed by my whiteness, eating, growing up in the Midwest, sleeping, queer-world, moving, complicated relationship to masculinity, and so many other things. I've been facilitating in survivor-specific spaces for almost 10 years, have made some books, and currently co-keep within a restorative justice group for people impacted by childhood sexual abuse. Leaving out detailed professional accolades for now because that's not the point of this space, but you can read more here if that's helpful for you in trust-building,

A few other things to know about me going in: I am not(!) against the use of words you choose for yourself and that includes "victim." I don't believe in referring to survivors as "angels," as I and nobody human is free from causing harm. I believe many popular ideas of justice (even within many queer spaces) are deeply flawed. I will not(!) take myself out of participating in the space, as I am also a survivor - I have learned often that taking myself out leads to a vibe of charity instead of solidarity.

If you're reading all of this and decide it's not for you, but want to support anyways, you can do so through my Patreon, And! Find my skill-share series for survivors at or for people who wanna support survivors at

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