Registration: "Fat Fables" AMY Project - Community Program workshop
Sunday December 1, 2019, 2pm-6pm
FREE - Registration required / spots are limited

Join us for a cozy and comfy writing workshop for fat queer folks, led by Morgan Davis and Jules Vodarek Hunter.
There has always been a need to create more spaces for fat queer people living at the intersections of various identities to resist fatphobia and build community. We will start with a communal dinner, made by a local queer caterer. Then we will explore what fatness means to us and what other identities intersect with that followed by creative writing workshops. We will wrap up the end of the evening by gathering resources for fat liberation and talking about how to strengthen the fat community within the queer community.
Dinner and transit tokens will be provided, and don't worry, we have fat-friendly furniture.

If it is more accessible for you to complete this registration by audio or video, please email an audio or video file with answers to all of the below questions to Please contact with any questions or if you require another way to register.

Anyone who identifies as 2LGBTQ and fat and are ages 16-29 (or a little older) are welcome to register!
All information on your registration will be kept confidential.
We will generally be accepting folks on a first-come, first serve basis, but if there is more interest than spots available, we will prioritize folks who face multiple marginalizations, including Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, trans, disabled, poor/working class, femme, etc.
You will receive an email to confirm your spot by the end of November.

For more about The AMY Project, visit:
@theamyproject (on Instagram and Twitter)
/artistsmentoringyouth (on Facebook)
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This workshop is intended to hold a safe space for folks living at the intersections of fatness and queerness to resist both fatphobia and queerphobia with others of shared experience. Do you self-identify as both fat and queer? *
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We wish to centre folks living at the intersections of other experiences, including trans folks, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) folks, disabled folks, poor/working-class/low-income folks, and others. If you would like, please tell us a bit about other experiences/identities you have that impact your experience of being queer + fat.
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