Career Webinar with Dr. Nick Shah
The MBP CDA will be hosting a career webinar with MBP alum Dr. Nick Shah. The webinar will be hosted on Tuesday, June 30th 2020 from 12-1 PM on Zoom. Please register below to attend. A link will be emailed to you shortly before the webinar.

Dr. Nick Shah's biography:
Nick is a scientist and leader with extensive experience in leading teams that discover novel therapies against difficult drug targets. He currently leads the In Vitro Pharmacology group at DiCE Molecules where the team is working to discover and develop innovative therapies in immunology.

Prior to DiCE, Nick was an early scientist at Flexus Biosciences where the team discovered Linrodostat (BMS-986205) which is in Phase II testing for immuno-oncology. He also worked with the FLX Bio (now RAPT Therapeutics) team to discover FLX475 (Phase I/II for immuno-oncology) and RPT193 (Phase I for atopic dermatitis). Throughout his career, he has been deeply involved in assay development for drug discovery while leading project teams and managing multiple large-scale hit discovery campaigns.

As a volunteer, Nick advises early-stage startup founders through two accelerators: Springboard and Creative Destruction Lab. He also serves as a judge and career panelist for the BioGENEius Challenge, an international competition for high school science students. Nick completed his PhD at the University of Toronto and a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University.
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