Barcode warriors RPG community poll
Thank you very much for the time you spend on this survey! It is an extremely valuable feedback for me and I will definitely take its results into account in the further development of this game!
How did you hear about this game? *
How much time did you spend playing? *
Please rate the following game elements
1 = least good, 5 = great
Graphic Design
Customizing the game character
Application size
Frequency of updates
Battery consumption
Language (intelligibility, grammar ...)
Promotion on social networks
Stability of application
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Please rate the individual types of monster fights
1 = least good, 5 = great
Battle in the forrest
Battle in the mountains
Battle in the swamp
Battle in the city
Battle in the gorge
Battle in the meadow
Battle in the taver
Battle with monsters from the map
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Please rate the following statement
Absolutely not at all
Rather not
Rather yes
Very much
At first glance, the game met my expectations
After a long exploration and playing, the game met my expectations
Minimalist graphics suit me for this type of game
Barcode scanning is a great idea for game mechanics
The potential of barcode scanning is put to good use in the game
The game is user-friendly and I don't bother too much when playing it (keep in mind that some of the exploration and discovery is targeted)
Possibilities of interaction with other players are suitable
Battles with barcode-monsters are reasonably balanced and challenging
Quests are well balanced and non-repetitive
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Did you know that...?
No can build different types of buildings on the map?
...some items and gear have special properties? can buy and sell items at a merchant?
...inventory capacity increases with your level? can compare your warrior with other players in different rankings? is possible to financially support the game?
... if you control a barcode, no other player in the world can use it?
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Who would you recommend the game to in your area?
What do you think is the most important thing to add / improve?
What is your current attitude to the game?
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If the game didn't interest you, why in particular?
If you are interested in the game, why in particular?
The overall and global rating of the game would be?
5 = Best
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