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Voodoo Dance Club
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Are you a DJ ? please understand managers are required to dj and host if needed *
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Experience? if none put N/A If yes please understand training will be given anyway. *
Can you work as part of a team? *
Can you work alone? *
Do you have discord? what is your discord username? (managers are required to have discord) *
are you a manager or club owner of another club *
managers are required to do 6 or more 1 hour permanent shifts per week can you do this? *
Look at the calendar and pick what shifts you would like to work https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FppmiZLxZqE9-XoPgifR7yuuYtiFiSr3jtRvWb-w-as/edit?usp=sharing *
Please read our manager rules and guide lines, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XVAYeupFo8-wS9wTZtH9JZue_EMcpsIBtPaF5vYwJPQ/edit?usp=sharing Any questions? *
Do you understand Managers are paid weekly per shift they do? *
Best times to contact you using SLT? *
Do you understand that you will only be contacted if processed to the next stage? *
What are your best qualities for Management *
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