Misfit Dog Project Application for Adoption
If you are applying for a specific pet in our care, what is the name of that pet?
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Do you currently have pets who live in your home? *
If so please list their names, species, gender, and if they are spayed/neutered.
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Do you rent or own your home? *
If you chose rent or other please list the name and phone number of the person who owns the property where you live.
If you rent, does your landlord know you are planning to add a pet to your family?
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Do you plan to move in the next five years? *
What is the number of adults who live in your home? *
What is the number of children who live in your home? *
If there are children who live in your home please list their ages.
Approximately how many hours a day will your pet be home alone? *
Where will your pet stay when you are not home? *
If you selected other please explain
Do you have a fenced in yard? *
Do you have steps/stairs in or outside your home that your pet will need to navigate daily? *
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Is there any additional information you would like to share with Misfit Dog Project?
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